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Frequently Asked Questions
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You are based in Oxfordshire, do you travel elsewhere?
Yes, I am based in the wonderful county of Oxfordshire. and close to the rolling hills of the beautful Cotswold's  but i happily travel anywhere to photograph your wedding. I regularly travel out of the South West to cover weddings. I’ll even get on an aeroplane if you need me to.

Do you photograph in colour or black & white and do you edit all the images?
Both & Yes. I shoot exclusively with high-end digital equipment. Every image that you will receive will have been edited fully. The editing involves colour correcting, cropping and conversion to my signature film-style photo emulation.

I shoot RAW which means i have the equivalent of a digital negative and it therefore needs to be "Developed" and this then gives me the opportunity to get the very best from each individual image. 
I will do my best to remove spots and shadows under eyes etc on the portrait images, but I do not “alter” images by moving things around or removing people from images etc and i dont retouch images like photo-shop because this never improves quality wedding photos

I am perhaps best known for my Black and White Wedding Photography and a standard wedding coverage will generally yield around 60% black and white photographs but if you like colour alone then this is no problem, please just let me know. 

I really dont like my photo being taken do i need to pose ?
Quite simply i became a Documentary Wedding Photographer because i HATE what i call Grip and Grin photos, people wedged closley to each other trying to look relaxed with a glass of wine.
Your wedding is beautiful, its emotional and it is unique to you as a couple so why not let you wedding photography capture that, those little moments that you are not privy to, it should be a thing of beauty that you are proud of. 

Do you take group shots?
Yes, of course. The mother in law will insist you do !!

Although I am a documentary wedding photographer, I understand that most weddings require a certain amount of traditional group photos. I would encourage you to have no more than around five group shots, and, with the aid of one of your ushers we will do these very quickly and professionally.
Guests usually do not want to be standing around waiting for a bossy photographer to direct them so I will organise this section of your day very quickly, then move on.
Occasionally, there is a requirement for many more “formal photographs” (such as Asian weddings, or weddings with a large amount of guests).  

How do we book?
Just  call or email me at any time and I will check availability. 
I always meet my couples before the big day but many book me well in advance .
I require a completed and signed contract and a non-refundable booking fee of £200 to secure my services for your wedding date. The retainer fee can be paid by bank transfer or cheque. I can not hold dates without the form and fee. The remainder of the balance is due 28 days before the wedding date.

What happens after the wedding?
Once your wedding is over, the sad fact is the only thing you will have to remind you of your wonderful day is the memories, stories and photographs.  
The cake will be eaten, the dress will be stored and the flowers will wilt and fade.
Because of the importance to me of helping you cherish those memories, it may take up to Four weeks for me to edit your wedding photographs (often quicker).
You will be sent a link to your personal on-line gallery, and after that, the USBs, prints and albums will be produced.  I use the very best suppliers for my USBs, albums and packaging.

Are you insured?
Yes I am fully insured. I have professional indemnity insurance along with public liability insurance.
Many wedding venues will insist that all your suppliers have appropriate insurance so I encourage you to make sure that every photographer you speak to also has full insurance.

Are you a full time photographer?
My “job” is as a wedding photographer.  This isn’t a hobby or part-time thing for me as it is with many other wedding photographers , i chose to be a wedding photographer becuase i am passionate about what i do, this is my vocation, its not a job at all. 

Do you need feeding during the reception ?
No. Don't worry about me. I usually take a break during the meal and bring my own food.

Do you have an Assistant ?
No. Working as an unobtrusive documentary photographer is much more difficult if you have an assistant in tow! I've never found I've needed one.

What Equiptment do you use ?
While this isn't really important, since its the photographs that matter, not the equipment used, I do get asked this a lot. I generally carry two identical high-end Nikon digital SLRs and a selection of Lenses to shoot my style of photography, i avoid flash as much as possible and class myself as an available light shooter. 

How many images will i get  ?
Depending on the time i spend with you will determine how many images you should receive but for a whole days photography between 300-400 images are guaranteed, quite often more as i dont limit the numbers, so if i like it then you will see it. 

Do i have to order an Album ?
For my Whole Day and Luxury packagaes then an Album is within the price but No. I will supply you with a USB flash drive from which you can have your own prints made, but if you would like to choose photographs to be printed in a top quality album, I will happily arrange that for you. Personally, even with all the latest technology that's now available, I still think the best way to present your pictures is in printed form. See the "WeddingsAlbums" page for more information.

Do i have copyright over the images.
So unknown to a lot of couples the photographer has the cipyright over the photographs taken , the same as you do with any images you take.
That said the images i give to you are yours to use as freely as you wish without any licensing or terms so you can print them , share them etc.
Please be aware that some photographers will actually license images to you or sell them to you afterwards, very cheeky and unfair.

Do you have any contingency plans if needed ?
I have a network of colleagues who also shoot weddings in a very similar style to me. They are experienced professionals and I would have no hesitation in calling on them to cover for me in circumstances where it was impossible for me to get to your wedding. So far, this has never been necessary. I have a new, reliable car, with full RAC cover, multiple cameras and lenses in case of failure and a comprehensive computer backup system to keep your images safe after the wedding. Trust me, I'm more paranoid about this stuff than you are!​

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